10 Tips for Getting Your Business on the Fast Track to Success

Whether your idea for the next big success is still just a thought you bounce around, or you’re ready to put down the final blue prints, it’s never too early or too late to make your vision the best it can be.

Starting up a new business can seem at first like a daunting task—from sales, to marketing and logistics. And this is true no matter how large or small a staff you’re operating with.

Better to start early on with a clear business model in place that will ensure success, both short term as well as in the long run. Every new business will have the occasional hiccup in the early stages as departments and individuals try to harness their particular role in the company’s success.

With a couple pointers outlined below, you’ll be better equipped to see your business through to the thriving success it has the potential to be.


#1 Think Outside the Money-Making Box

Every new business scheme is the result of creative thinking and innovative development —anything from helping the company cut costs to increasing visibility to improve sales. As you brainstorm on your own or with your team, give each well-thought out suggestion a chance to grow. Even business ideas that may not be fully formed sometimes end up being the most fruitful. Many great companies build on the ideas of past successes, but with a new spin or angle. It’s always important for companies to consider their audience and buyers: how will they market better, smarter, more effectively to those most tuned into their products or services?


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Step by Step Guide to Shopify and eCommerce

Shopify and eCommerce


Shopify has many advantages over other platforms such as woocommerce or magento.  It is incredibly easy to set up and start selling quickly, and also has many 3rd party tools you can use to increase sales, gather data, or improve marketing.  Many shopify stores are doing 7 figures per year and even more are in the 6 figure range.  Someone can reach six figures with shopify and the right channel of advertising (check other articles here on advertising) very quickly.  This article is designed to get you set up, choosing a niche, targeting, creating campaigns, and scaling to get to six figures and more.

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Complete guide to Import products for your business

Importing products to sell for your business will allow you to have higher margins and sometimes more options than sourcing locally.  Products that you source from the US will normally be a much lower profit margin than sourcing products from China for example.  However, depending on the product you might not want to import from overseas.  Good examples of products to import from overseas are cell phone cases, small electronics, small cookware, etc.  Certain products in the US will be easier to manage and be higher quality.  Immediately you can get a good feel for seeing what you can import just by looking at what you personally use.  How many products say ‘made in China?’  While this is a very rudimentary approach, you will be surprised on the number of manufacturers in the US source from China.

Getting your feet wet with importing, and finding a good overseas supplier will allow you to reap much higher profit margins than normal.  The key here is ‘good’.  I will cover all that in the guide, but first you need some basic things to get started.

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Facebook Ads Guide for Business

This guide is intended for acquiring customers and converting them for two types of users

1 – You never tried Facebook advertising before

2 – You are an intermediate ad spender looking to scale, or have tried to scale with poor results

This article is going to show first beginners how to get started, terminology, then intermediates on how to get to the next level.  This is the stuff people spending $1,000 a day do not want you to know about scaling, and do not want more users to learn.  Why?  Because it costs them more money.  The more people using Facebook ads, the more expensive their campaigns will be.  I believe there is enough space for everyone.  Internet spending is growing year after year, and now is the time to break into Facebook.


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Become an Amazon Seller – How to Sell on Amazon and Start Making Money

Getting started on Amazon is easier today than ever before.  Businesses are selling on Amazon with only one product and already starting to earn an income.  There are people earning up to $100,000 profit or more per month on the platform.  This guide is intended to get you set up with your first profitable product, and later scaling that product or increasing your product line.  Many sellers started their own brands on amazon and eventually grew enough to the point where they quit their jobs and run their business full time.  This is achievable for anyone, and my goal for you.

This guide is intended to get you to that point.  This guide is designed to go through the entire process of getting your business started, finding a niche, finding trusted private label companies (you can see the directory of private label companies here, the list is always growing as suppliers are vetted for quality), getting approved, building your brand, getting crucial reviews and sales, driving traffic to your product pages, and eventually scaling outside of amazon.  There will be further guides later to pick apart each step of the way, but this is enough to get your store up and running and making a profit.


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Build a drop shipping business – step by step guide


Drop shipping is a profitable online business, that requires little to no investment.  It is a great way to get started making money online because of the low barrier to entry and low investment.  All it takes is a little research and some actionable steps to get a store up and selling products.

This guide is designed go through the entire process of finding a niche, finding suppliers (you can see the directory of drop shipping suppliers here, the list is always growing as suppliers are vetted for quality), getting approved, building an eCommerce store, optimizing the store, and how to drive traffic.  If you follow all these steps properly, you will see results.  The guide even goes one step beyond the basic steps and concludes with section on automation so you do not have to watch the store 7 days a week.

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20 tips on how to start a business online

If you are considering starting your own business online but have not taken the leap yet, you are not alone.  Maybe you are scared, nervous, unsure about the future, or simply cannot afford to drop everything and venture out on your own.  I have created a guide on how you can take action and get started, along with some helpful tips on how you can get to where you need to be.  Whether it’s selling a product, creating a brand, selling other people’s products (affiliate marketing), or creating a service, you should get started as soon as possible.  We have all at some point been nervous or anxious about starting a business, and the number one reason why we are worried is about failure.

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Must have tools for businesses online

Tools you need to get started, save time, and maximize revenue.  

I have tried and tested numerous services online, and the ones below I highly recommend to get you going quickly and pain free.



BluehostStart here.  Every business needs an online presence.  Get a URL and then sign up for their hosting.


BluehostSame site, get the URL and hosting package all in one.  Easiest way to get up and running in 5 minutes.  Very simple control panel to use and install extras.  Check out my Bluehost tutorial for getting set up in under 5 minutes.



Shopify – if you are selling your own brand or setting up a complete eCommerce store, this is a must.

WordPress – You can use a theme called WooCommerce here.  It will set you up with a store easily.  another must have for those looking to create multi-page sites

Affiliate Marketing

MaxbountyIf you will be marketing other products (a great way to get started making money), this is a great network to begin with.

CPAGrip – a good affiliate network for mobile offers, games, and more

Email Newsletters

Aweber – Get your visitor’s emails!  This is the best one to use to send emails to your customers or potential customers

Landing Pages

Instapage – for single landing page sites.  A great one for when you offer one product on one URL.

WordPress – You can also go the WordPress route here and set up single page sites.

How to make money with native advertising – step by step guide


Native advertising is huge, and not a lot of people know how to break into it.  I am going to explain how to get started with a native advertising network, and also some advanced tips for people already using them.

Let’s start with the absolute basics.  Native advertising is when an advertisement blends in seamlessly with a website or publishers content.  It is designed to look like it is part of the content you are reading and not some banner ad.  Two big reasons make it extremely popular right now.

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The best niches to start making money as soon as possible

How to choose the right niche to start making money as soon as possible

Before we look at offline businesses, selling your own products or providing a service – all of which will be covered in later posts – let’s analyze what you need to do to get started online making money as fast as possible.  You can check out my other article on getting started with affiliate marketing for setting up the url, webpage, and using an affiliate network.  That will get you set up with a URL, website, and affiliate network.  What I did not cover (otherwise that post would have been a book) is what niche to choose.  That’s what this article is for.  This is not a general article on niches, or filler content – this is an in depth article on specific niches you can start using today to start making money.


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